Manuel Tena-Sempere

Manuel Tena-Sempere

Professor of Physiology

Senior Research Associate

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-4741-5567

Other Affiliations

  • Instituto Maimonides de Investigación Biomedica de Cordoba (IMIBIC) and University of Cordoba (Spain) Full Professor of Physiology
  • Spanish Center of Excellence for Research in Obesity and Nutrition, CIBEROBN Group Leader & Scientific Steering Board Member

Key Academic Merits

  • More than 340 international scientific research articles
  • 17 Doctoral theses supervised
  • Mentor of more than 15 postdoctoral fellows
  • More than 120 invited lectures in international scientific congress and seminars
  • Referee in more than 25 international scientific journals
  • Past and present associate editor, member of editorial boards and guest editor in international scientific journals

Past FiDiPro Professor, Academy of Finland (2015-2019)

Selected Publications

Heras V; et al, Tena-Sempere M* (20/20) 2020 Central Ceramide Signaling Mediates Obesity-Induced Precocious Puberty. Cell Metabolism S1550-4131(20)30534-9. IF: 21.56. Journal Ranking: 3/143 in Endocrinology & Metabolism (D1).

Ruiz-Pino F; et al, Tena-Sempere M* (8/8) 2019 Environmentally Relevant Perinatal Exposures to Bisphenol A Disrupt Postnatal Kiss1/NKB Neuronal Maturation and Puberty Onset in Female Mice. Environmental Health Perspectives 127(10):107011. IF: 8.34. Journal Rank: 2/92 in Toxicology (D1)

Heras V; et al, Tena-Sempere M* (20/20) 2019 Hypothalamic miR-30 regulates puberty onset via repression of the puberty-suppressing factor, Mkrn3. PLoS Biology 17(11):e3000532. IF: 8.38. Journal Ranking: 3/87 in Multidisciplinary Sciences (D1)

Vazquez MJ; et al, Tena-Sempere M* (17/17) 2018 Sirt1 Mediates Obesity- And Nutrient-Dependent Perturbation of Pubertal Timing by Epigenetically Controlling Kiss1 Expression. Nature Communications 9-1, pp.4194-4194. IF: 12.35. Journal Rank: 3/64 in Multidisciplinary Sciences (D1)

Roa J; et al, Tena-Sempere M* (19/19) 2018 Metabolic Regulation of Female Puberty via Hypothalamic AMPK-Kisspeptin Signaling. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 115(45):E10758-E10767. IF: 9.58. Journal Ranking: 7/69 in Multidisciplinary Sciences (D1)

Leon S, et al., Tena-Sempere M* (15/15) 2018 Sex-Biased Physiological Roles of NPFF1R, the Canonical Receptor of RFRP-3, in Food Intake and Metabolic Homeostasis Revealed by its Congenital Ablation in mice. Metabolism (Clinical & Experimental) 87:87-97. IF: 6.51. Journal Ranking: 14/145 in Endocrinology and Metabolism (D1)

Manfredi-Lozano M, et al., Tena-Sempere M* (15/15) 2016 Defining a novel leptin-melanocortin-kisspeptin pathway involved in the metabolic control of puberty. Molecular Metabolism 5: 844-857. IF: 6.79. Journal Ranking: 11/138 in Endocrinol & Metab (D1)

Messina A, et al., Tena-Sempere M, Giacobini P, Prevot V (10/12) 2016 A microRNA switch regulates the rise in hypothalamic GnRH production before puberty. Nature Neuroscience 19: 835-844. IF: 17.83. Journal Ranking: 2/258 in Neurosciences (D1)

Martínez de Morentin PB, González-García I, et al., Tena-Sempere M and López M (19/ 20) 2014 Estradiol regulates brown adipose tissue thermogenesis via hypothalamic AMPK. Cell Metabolism 20: 41-53. IF: 16.74. Journal Ranking: 2/122 in Endocrinology & Meta-bolism (D1)

Navarro VM, et al., Tena-Sempere M* (13/13) 2012 Role of neurokinin B in the control of female puberty and its control by metabolic status. Journal of Neuroscience 32: 2388-2397. IF: 6.90. Journal Ranking: 22/251 in Neurosciences (D1).

Recent Publications