Petra Sipilä

Petra Sipilä

Adjunct Professor of Reproductive and Developmental Biology

Vice Director, Turku Center for Disease Modeling

+358 29 450 4643

+358 50 477 3384

ORCID ID: 0000-0001-8187-7143

Key Academic Merits

  • Supervisor of six doctoral, two masters and four bachelor students
  • Pre-examiner of three PhD thesis
  • External scientific evaluator in three international Foundations and two InfraFrontier projects
  • Invited speakers in six international scientific congresses
  • Ad hoc referee in international scientific journals

Major Funding

Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation

Selected Publications

Johansson P, Krona C, Kundu S, Doroszko M, Baskaran S, Schmidt L, Vinel C, Almstedt E, Elgendy R, Elfineh L, Gallant C, Lundsten S, Ferrer Gago FJ, Hakkarainen A, Sipilä P, Häggblad M, Martens U, Lundgren B, Frigault MM, Lane DP, Swartling F, Uhrbom L, Nestor M, Marino S, Nelander S. A patient-derived cell atlas informs precision targeting of glioblastoma. Cell Reports 2020 Jul 14;32(2):107897.

Sipilä P, Junnila A, Hakkarainen J, Huhtaniemi R, Mairinoja L, Zhang FP, Strauss L, Ohlsson C, Kotaja N, Huhtaniemi I, Poutanen M. The lack of HSD17B3 in male mice results in disturbed Leydig cell maturation and endocrine imbalance akin to humans with HSD17B3 deficiency. FASEB J. 2020 May;34(5):6111-6128.

Zhang F-P, Malinen M, Mehmood A, Lehtiniemi T, Jääskeläinen T, Niskanen EA, Korhonen H, Laiho A, Elo L, Ohlsson C, Kotaja N, Poutanen M, Sipilä P*, Palvimo J.* Lack of androgen receptor SUMOylation results in male infertility due to epididymal dysfunction. Nature Communications 2019 Feb 15;10(1):777, * equal contribution

Huhtaniemi R, Oksala R, Knuuttila M, Mehmood A, Aho E, Laajala TD, Aittokallio T, Laiho A, Elo L, Ohlsson C, Kallio P, Mäkelä S, Mustonen MVJ, Sipilä P, Poutanen M. Adrenals contribute to growth of castration-resistant VCaP prostate cancer xenografts. Am J Pathol. 2018 Dec;188(12):2890-2901.

Björkgren I, Gylling H, Turunen H, Huhtaniemi I, Strauss L, Poutanen M, Sipilä P. Imbalanced lipid homeostasis in the conditional Dicer1 knockout mouse epididymis causes instability of the sperm membrane. FASEB J. 2015 Feb;29(2):433-42.

Recent Publications